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If you’re just getting started using your custom domain with Office 365, or you want to make some changes, check out the links below.

Get started

Want to use a custom email address or website URL in Office 365? Add your custom domain and get started!

Work with domain names in Office 365

Add your domain

How to get a custom domain

Set up and manage domains

Complex setup? Use Office 365 FastTrack to get started

Your initial domain

Use your domain with your public website

Set up your Office 365 public website to use a custom URL like

Use a custom URL for your public website

Use a custom URL for your public website when you also have email and Lync


Track down problems with adding or using your domain.

Troubleshoot verifying your domain

Troubleshoot email issues

Troubleshoot website issues

Troubleshoot Lync Online issues

Remove a domain

Learn more about DNS records

Why we confirm that you own your domain

What if people don't type www?

How Office 365 manages DNS records

Why does Office 365 need a CNAME record?

Find your domain registrar or DNS hosting provider

MX record for email flow

What if SRV, CNAME, or TXT aren’t supported?

Basics about domains and DNS

Applies To: Office 365 Admin, Office 365 Small Business Admin

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