Field codes: NumPages field

The NumPages field inserts the total number of pages in the document, using information from the Statistics tab in the Properties dialog box. To view the Properties dialog box, click the File tab, click Info, click Properties (below the document preview on the right side), and then click Advanced Properties.


When you view the NumPages field in your document, the syntax looks like this:


Note:  A field code tells the field what to show. Field results are what’s shown in the document after having evaluated the field code. To toggle between viewing the field code and the field code results, press Alt+F9.


To print page numbers such as "Page 12 of 45" on each page of a document, insert the following text and fields in a header or footer.

Page { PAGE } of { NUMPAGES }

If the page numbering starts on a page number other than 1, use an = (Formula) field to compute the total page number count. To determine the starting page number for the active document, (StartingNumber), click the Insert tab, click Page Number, and then click Format Page Numbers. The starting page number is displayed in the Start at box.

Page { PAGE } of { = (StartingNumber - 1) + { NUMPAGES } }

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