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Note   This article applies to the Power BI for Windows app for the previous Power BI experience (commonly called Power BI for Office 365), and not to the new Power BI experience. Try the new Power BI. Read about the new Power BI for Windows app.

The home page is your entry point when you start the Power BI Windows Store app. On the home page, you see thumbnail images of your report favorites (you may see placeholder images if you haven’t yet opened or synchronized the report). Making a report a favorite is the quickest way to get back to it again.

Power BI app home page showing the first four pages in the Olympics sample report.

Power BI mobile app home page

The Power BI app displays the first pages of each report on the home page. The report you added most recently is on the left, the first one you see. Scroll right to see earlier ones. You can’t reorder them, but you can remove them from your Favorites and then add them again to change the order.

You add (or remove) a whole report to Favorites, with all its pages. You can’t make favorites of single pages in a report.

Make a report a favorite

On a report page:

  • Swipe up and then tap Favorite.

    Favorites button on the Power BI mobile app bar

On the Locations page:

  • Flick (a quick downward motion) to select one or more reports (mouse: right-click), and then tap Favorite.

    Select reports on the Locations page
    Select a report on the Locations page.

Manage your favorites

  • From the home page, on the app bar tap Manage Favorites.

  • See all your favorites in list view.

  • To bulk remove favorites, flick to select multiple reports, and tap Remove.

    Manage favorite reports in the Power BI mobile app
    Manage your favorite reports on the Manage Reports page.

Remove a report from favorites (“unfavorite” it)

Removing a report from your Favorites (“unfavoriting” it) removes the report from your home page. You can remove a report from Favorites in several ways in the Power BI app.

  • On the Manage Favorites page   , flick to select one or more reports, and then tap Unfavorite.

  • On a report page   , swipe up and then tap Unfavorite. This removes the whole report from your home page – not just this page.

  • On the Locations page   , flick to select one or more starred reports, and then tap Unfavorite.

Note: Removing a report from your Favorites doesn’t remove the report from its location on Office 365. It only removes the report from your Favorites.

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