FAQ for Lync Windows Store app

Here’s a list of common questions that you might have when using the Lync Windows Store app.

Why can’t I sign into Lync Windows Store app?

If you’re having issues signing in to Lync Windows Store app, check for the following:

  • You have a Lync account from Office 365 or your organization.  If you’re already using Lync on your desktop or on a mobile device, then you have a Lync account.  If you don’t already have a Lync account, you can’t use the Lync Windows Store app. Please contact the technical support team in your organization.

  • Your PC or device has an Internet connection.  Try opening a browser and going to a web page. If the page opens successfully, your device is connected to the Internet.

  • The time and date on your device is set accurately.  This is very important for devices that aren’t joined to a domain, for example, Microsoft Surface or other devices running Windows RT.  Set your clock to an accurate time for your location. This will usually solve any time-related problems. Your Lync server will automatically adjust for time zone differences and Daylight Savings Time.

  • Your sign-in address and user name are entered correctly.

  • A sign-in issue can occur for Office 365 users who are not running the latest version of Lync Windows Store app. To fix the issue, users should install the latest version of the Lync Windows Store app, which also requires Windows 8.1.

If all the above are true and you still can’t sign in, keep in mind that server requirements are slightly different for each Lync client. It’s possible that your Lync server doesn’t meet the requirements to support the Lync Windows Store app. So, maybe you can sign in to Skype for Business (Lync) for the desktop or Lync 2013 for a mobile client, but you can’t sign in to the Lync Windows Store app.

Contact your technical support team for more information. Give them a detailed description of what led to the error, and the exact text of the error message, if any, that was displayed.

For more troubleshooting help, see Lync Windows Store app sign-in issues.

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Why am I not seeing my upcoming meetings?

If your PC loses its connection to the Exchange server, information about your meetings won’t get sent to Lync. You’ll see the following error message at the bottom of the screen when this happens:

Lync can’t connect to Exchange. You might not have the latest history, voice mail, contacts, and Lync meetings.

The information gets sent to Lync when your PC re-connects to the Exchange server. In the meanwhile, join your meetings by going to your calendar and selecting the Join Lync Meeting link in your meeting invite.

For more information, see Lync can’t connect to Exchange.

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How do I check my audio and video devices?

Lync automatically detects your audio and video devices, such as a headset, mic, speakers, and cameras. Before joining a meeting or making a call, check your devices to make sure you’re all set.

Because there isn’t an option in the Lync Windows Store app to verify that your audio and video devices are working correctly, we recommend that you make a test audio or video call to check them.

If you also have Skype for Business (Lync) for the desktop installed on the same PC, you can set up your audio and video devices from the Audio Device options menu in that app and check call quality from there. For more information, see Set up and test Lync audio.

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How do I go back to a previous screen in the Lync Windows Store app?

If you see an arrow pointing to the left, select it to go back one screen. Else, swipe in from the top or bottom of the current screen or right-click the screen with a mouse.

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How do I call or IM someone who is not in my contact list?

See Find a contact in Lync to learn how. To search for someone outside of your company, use their email when you’re searching for them.

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How do I mute or unmute myself in a meeting or phone call?

Select the mic icon in the call window to toggle between mute and unmute states.

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Can I use a Bluetooth headset with Lync?

Yes, but only if it is set as your default audio device. You can use the headset as your microphone and speaker but the call controls on the headset won’t work. For example, you can’t answer a call or end a call from the headset.

To set the headset as your default device, open the Windows Control Panel, and, under Sound, select Manage audio devices, find the device, and set it as the default on the Playback and Recording tabs.

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Can I present in a meeting from Lync?

Yes. See View and present content in a Lync Meeting to learn how.

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Can I get phone calls and IMs when my PC screen is off?

Yes. When you get a phone call or an IM invitation when your PC screen is off, you hear an alert and, when you turn the screen back on, missed conversations are listed on the Lync tile on the Windows Start screen. Tap the tile to launch the app and respond.

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Can I stop new message notifications from displaying?

Yes. Open the Settings charm by swiping in from the right of the screen and tapping Settings. (If you’re using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and click Settings.) Select Options and in the Lync Options panel, scroll down to Notifications of new IMs in active conversations. Move the slider to the left to turn off the option.

Note    Even if you turn off the notifications option during a meeting, any new IM received from an active conversation after more than 10 minutes of inactivity will display as an invitation to a new conversation. To work around this situation, set your presence to Do Not Disturb. Then, you will see invitations only if they are from contacts in your workgroup.

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Can I add a contact from Lync?

Yes. Select the search button from the Lync home screen and type the contact’s name in the search text box. Select the contact’s picture from the search results and then select the button with the three dots. Select either Add to Favorites or Add to Group.

See Add a contact in Lync to learn more about adding a contact.

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Can I install the Lync Windows Store app on my PC even though I have Skype for Business (Lync) for the desktop on it?

Yes, you can have both Lync Windows Store app and Skype for Business (Lync) for the desktop on your PC.

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Can I choose which version to use for my meetings and phone calls?

Yes. If you also have the Lync Windows Store app and Skype for Business (Lync) for the desktop installed on your PC, you can set one of the clients as your default meeting client. See Change your default meeting client to learn how.

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Can I pick which meeting to join when I have conflicting appointments?

Of course. On the home screen, if the meeting shown in the first tile isn’t the meeting that you want to join, select the Meetings tile, then, on the Meetings screen, select the meeting you want to join.

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Does the Lync Windows Store app always have to be full screen?

No, it doesn’t. You can snap the app to use a smaller part of your screen, leaving the rest available to work with another app. For details, see Use the side-by-side view.

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Will my ink messages display on mobile devices?

No, they won’t. When you send an ink message from Lync Windows Store app to a contact running Lync 2010 for a mobile client, only empty IM bubbles will display on their mobile device. Simultaneously, you will receive a notification that your contact can’t receive IMs.

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Applies To: Lync 2013

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