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Extend your business trial

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If you need more time to try out Office 365 for business, extend your trial in the last 15 days of your subscription.

  1. Sign in with your work or school account at

  2. Type in your email and choose Sign in.

  3. Choose Admin.

    Note: If you're not signed in as an admin, you won't see the Admin tile.

  4. Choose Billing and then Subscriptions.

  5. Choose Extend trial.

    Note: A link to extend your trial will only appear when your subscription is within 15 days of expiring or if you haven't already extended your trial once before.

  6. Enter your payment details and choose Submit, Close, and then Home.

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Extend your trial for Office 365 for business

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Need more time to try out Office 365 for business?

You can extend your time during the last 15 days of your trial subscription.

Sign in with your work or school account at

This will be the email connected to your free trial.

When you're ready, type in your email and choose Sign in.

On the Office 365 home page, choose Admin.

Next, choose Billing,

and then choose Subscriptions.

Here, you'll see how many days are left until your free trial expires.

To extend your trial, choose Extend trial.

Complete the steps in the wizard to finish the process.

You'll be asked to add credit card information, but don't worry—

you'll only be charged if you decide to buy the full subscription.

Choose Submit...

and then Close,

and Home.

Now you're free to continue exploring Office 365 with your extended trial subscription.

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