Exporting to PDF in Publisher 2016 doesn't show picture formatting changes such as color and transparency

Important: This issue is now closed with the fix indicated below. For more information on other recent issues for your application, see Fixes or workarounds for recent Office issues.

Last updated: September 2016


When creating PDF files via the Publisher 2016 feature Export to Create PDF/XPS Document, documents containing images that have been reformatted such as recolored or adjusted transparency do not show the changes on the PDF file. Some symptoms include:

  • Images that have adjusted transparency shows up as opaque in the exported PDF file.

  • Recolored images changes back to the original state when exported to PDF.

  • Picture corrections reverts back to their original state when photo was first inserted in the document after exporting to PDF.

Status: Fixed

This issue is now fixed in the latest Office version 16.0.7341.2032 released on 9/22. The notification to update to the latest version is getting rolled out incrementally to our customers, but you can update immediate by opening any Office 2016 application and choosing File > Account >Update Options > Update Now.

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