Export mapping details

On this page, you specify how you want the data to be interpreted in the database table.

For each ShapeSheet cell from which you are exporting data, the wizard assigns a default data type and a name, type, and size for the field that the data will occupy in the database. You can change the defaults.

Visio data

Select the ShapeSheet cell you want to choose details for.

Evaluate data as

Choose how data is evaluated when it is copied from the cell to the database field.

Field name

Type the name (or column heading) the field the data will be copied into. By default, the name is the cell name.

Field type

Select a data type for the database field. The data types you can use depend on which database program you are linking to.

Tip: See the documentation for the program you're exporting your data to for more about available data types.

Field size

Type the size in bytes of a variable length field.

Field decimal

Type the number of decimal places supported by the field. This applies only to numeric fields that are not integers.

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