Export lists to Excel

Applies to:     Office Accounting Express, Office Accounting Professional

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 is designed so that you can take full advantage of the extensive Microsoft Office Excel functionality by making it easy to export all lists directly to Office Excel. To export a list to Excel, on the toolbar, click the Export to Excel toolbar button button image .

For example, to export the Customer List to Excel, on the Customers menu, point to Customer Lists and click Customers, and then on the toolbar, click the Export to Excel button.

customer list
Customer List

You can customize which columns are shown before exporting the list to Excel by selecting Add/Remove Content on the View menu. Office Accounting 2008 supports exporting to the following Excel versions: Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Excel 2003 and Excel 2002.

customer list in excel
Customer List exported to Office Excel 2007

Some of the advantages of exporting the list to Excel are that you can use Excel features such as auto filter, conditional formatting, multi-column sorting and calculations.

excel filters
Setting a filter

A filter can help you sort and filter columns of data.

excel filtering
Filtering on balance

You can filter on any number of columns at the same time.

excel filtering
Customer list filtered on balance and sorted by credit limit

Another helpful feature is conditional formatting.

excel conditional filtering
Setting conditional formatting in Excel 2007

Conditional formatting uses colour to distinguish between different numbers. In the following example, the larger balances have a darker colour.

excel conditional filtering
Conditional formatting applied
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