Entry Control in Live Meeting Service

For security reasons, meeting organizers need to control who can participate in a meeting and how participants join a meeting. Because presenters have more control over the Live Meeting environment than attendees do, meeting organizers can control entry differently for presenters and attendees.

The most secure option is to allow only people who have been invited and who have a membership in your Live Meeting service account to participate. Members of your Live Meeting service account have a Live Meeting user name and password, which they must provide when they log on to the Live Meeting manager. To restrict entry to members of your Live Meeting service account, use the Access Control List option.

If you are less concerned about restricting entry to your meeting, or if you want to admit someone who does not have a membership in your Live Meeting service account, you can control admission by meeting ID and meeting key. For example, if you are working closely with another company and you want someone from that company to be a presenter, you do not have to create a membership to admit that person to your meeting. The meeting key functions as a password. Users who correctly enter the meeting ID and the meeting key can join the meeting. To allow anyone using the meeting ID and the meeting key to join the meeting, select the Meeting Key option.

If you select the Meeting Key option, you must also define whether the system will generate a new key for every meeting or if you will create and use your own meeting key.

Important: If you do not generate a new meeting key for every meeting, anyone who knows the meeting key can reuse it to access your meetings at any time. Use system-generated meeting keys to ensure that participants from previous meetings cannot join later meetings, using a previous meeting key. This protection is especially important for controlling entry as a presenter, but depending on the subject matter, you may also want to use system-generated meeting keys for attendees.

The least secure entry control option, which you can set only for attendees, is the Free Entry option. With this option, anyone who has the meeting ID can attend. No meeting key is required. Free entry can be useful for general presentations that do not involve confidential information.

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