Engage in simultaneous conversations

You can participate in multiple conversations at the same time, but you can view only one conversation at a time. To participate in multiple conversations, you switch from one to another.

To switch from one conversation to another

Do one of the following:

  • In the conversation window, tap Menu > Conversations, and then tap the conversation that you want to resume.

    Note: When you are a participant in more than four simultaneous conversations, the Conversations item includes a More option. When you tap More, Communicator Mobile displays the Current Conversations group in the Contact List. You can then use this list to choose the conversation that you want to resume.

  • At the top of the Contact List, in Current Conversations, tap the conversation that you want to resume, and then tap Select.

In the Current Conversations group above the Contact List, any conversation with at least one unread message is displayed in bold type.

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