Enable the Power BI Adoption content pack for Office 365

Note: This is pre-release documentation for a public preview, and is subject to change in future releases.

The Adoption content pack is now also available for Office 365 US Government Community.

Steps to enable Office 365 Adoption content pack Power BI reports

To get started with the Adoption Content Pack, you first need to get Power BI, and then instantiate the content pack in the Office 365 admin center.

Get Power BI

If you don't already have Power BI, you can sign up for the free Power BI service. Choose Get started free to get the free version.

Choose Get started free to get Power Bi

You can also expand Products to buy a version of Power BI.

Enable the content pack

To instantiate the content pack, you have to be either a global administrator, Exchange administrator, Skype for Business administrator, or SharePoint administrator.

See Office 365 admin roles for more information.

  1. Sign in with your admin credentials, and go to the Admin center.

  2. In the admin center, expand the left nav, and go to Reports > Usage.

  3. On the Usage page, locate the Office 365 Adoption card, and choose Get started.

    Choose Get started on the Office 365 Adoption card
  4. On the Reports panel that opens, set Make data available to the Office 365 Adoption content pack for Power BI to On > Save.

    This initiates the data collection. [which normally takes between 2 and 48 hours depending on the size of the tenant]

    When the data collection is complete, the Go to Power BI button is enabled (no longer gray), and the card includes a tenant Id.

  5. Copy the tenant Id and choose Go to Power BI.

    Chose Go to Power BI on the Office 365 Adoption card
  6. When you get to Power BI, sign in. Choose Get Data, then under Content Pack Library choose Services > Get.

    Under Content Pack Library, in Services, choose Get.
  7. In the Apps tab, type Office 365 in the search box and then select Office 365 Adoption Preview > Get it now.

  8. On the Connect to Office 365 Adoption screen, type in the tenant Id you copied in step (5) > Next.

  9. On the next screen, choose oAuth2 as the Authentication method > Sign in. If you choose any other authentication method, the connection to the content pack will fail.

    Choose oAuth2 as authentication method
  10. Once the content pack is instantiated the Office 365 Adoption dashboard will be available in Power BI on the web. The initial loading of the dashboard will take between 2 to 30 minutes and tenant level aggregates will be available in all reports. User-level details will only become available after the 1st or 15th day of the calendar month after opting in. This will impact the following reports - which will show tiles without data - until that point:

    • Exchange – User activity

    • Skype for Business - User activity

    • Yammer - User activity

    • OneDrive - User activity

    • SharePoint - User activity

    • Adoption by department

    • Adoption by product

    • Adoption by region

    • Yammer usage

    See working with the reports in the adoption content pack for tips on how to view and use these reports.

Make the collected data anonymous

To make the data that is collected for all reports anonymous, you have to be a global administrator. This will hide identifiable information such as user, group and site names in reports and in the content pack .

  1. In the admin center, expand the left nav, and go to Settings > Services & add-ins.

  2. On the Services & add-ins page choose Reports, and then turn on the toggle next to Display anonymous identifiers instead of names in all reports.This setting gets applied both to the usage reports as well as to the content pack.

    Set toggle to on to make reports anonymous
  3. Choose Save.

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