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OneDrive offers several ways to save and share documents. The easiest way to start using OneDrive is to add a OneDrive folder to File Explorer on your computer and save your work there, where it will automatically sync to your cloud storage. You can also save files to OneDrive directly from each Office app. When you're away from your computer, you can always access your files in the cloud by signing in to, where you can continue to view, upload, and share files.

Sync OneDrive for Business to your computer

  1. On your computer, open File Explorer.

  2. Right-click OneDrive, and choose Settings

  3. To add Office 365 for business, choose Add an account.

  4. Type your work email address, and then choose Sign in.

  5. Type your password, and then choose Sign in

  6. Choose Next, choose the files you want to sync with OneDrive, and then choose Next again.

  7. Choose Open my OneDrive, and follow the tour.

  8. Return to File Explorer.

  9. To move files, drag and drop them into your OneDrive folder, like you would with any other files on your computer.

    When a file has synced with Office 365 in the cloud, the icon beside the file changes to a green check mark.

Share files from Office apps

  1. In an Office app, such as Word or Excel, click File > Save As > OneDrive.

  2. Enter a name for the file and choose Save.

Share files from OneDrive

  • To share with other employees via email, open a document, choose Share at the top of the app, type the names of the employees you want to share with, enter a message about the document, and chose Send.

  • To share with people outside of your business, choose Share at the top of the app, clear the Allow editing check box, set an expiration date if you like by choosing Set expiration date, and then choose Apply. Type the email addresses of the people you want to share with, enter a message about the document, and chose Send.

Work with your files in the cloud

  1. Open your web browser, and sign in to with your work email.

  2. Choose OneDrive from the app launcher.

  3. Use this OneDrive location to work with existing files, create new files, or share files with others.

    Now that your files are stored in OneDrive, you can also work with them on your phone.

When you store your documents in OneDrive for business, you get the benefit of secure cloud storage, and you can get to your files from any device at any time.

Open File Explorer and you’ll see OneDrive, but it may not be set up for Office 365 yet. Right-click, choose Settings, and we see a personal account is set up.

Let’s add Office 365 for business by choosing Add an account. Type your work email address and sign in. Then password, and sign in again.

Choose Next. Choose which files to sync with OneDrive. Then Next.

Then Open my OneDrive. Take the tour and return to File Explorer.

The easiest way to start using OneDrive is to save your work here instead a folder on your computer.

To move your files here, just drag and drop them from other folders, like your Documents or Desktop.

After a few moments, the icon beside each files changes to a green check mark. This means the file is synced to the cloud with Office 365 and you can get to it from anywhere.

You can also save work files to OneDrive from each Office app, like Word or Excel. Instead of saving to a folder on your computer, choose OneDrive. Give it a name and Save.

When you save to OneDrive, you’re the only one who can see your files. To share with others, open one of your documents and choose Share.

Type the names of other employees you want to share with so they can view and edit the document directly, and a message they’ll see in the email. Then Send.

When sharing files with people outside the business, like one of your partners or customers, you might share it differently. Choose the sharing link, disable editing, and set an expiration date. Then Apply.

Type their email address and a message they’ll see in the email. Then Send.

The people you share with will get an email that looks like this. They can use it to open, view, or edit the document.

To see that your files are in the cloud with Office 365, open your web browser and sign in to with your work email. Then choose OneDrive, and here you see the files you just created or moved to OneDrive.

You can work with these files from here too, create new files, and share files with others.

You can also work with these files on your phone now that they’re stored in OneDrive.

By storing your files in OneDrive and Office 365, you can get to them from anywhere and on any device without losing any work.

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