Embedded-object and ActiveX-control policy settings error

When you start a Microsoft Office 2010 program, or attempt to insert an object in that file, the following error messages may appear.

Embedded-object ActiveX-control error message

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Embedded-object and ActiveX-control error message

Embedded-object and ActiveX-control error message

The error message seen in the examples may appear because one or more ActiveX controls, or embedded objects, in the file do not meet policy settings established by your organization, or your IT administrator. Therefore, the objects or controls have been blocked from loading. ActiveX controls and embedded objects are small pieces of code which provide additional functionality to your file, such as command buttons, list boxes, or data collections.

For example, if you insert a Microsoft Excel table in a Word document, the table becomes an embedded object in the Word document. Though useful, ActiveX controls and embedded objects can be used for malicious purposes and therefore are regulated to decrease risks to your computer and network.

Note    If your organization has an IT administrator, you can ask this person for guidance about what controls and objects are acceptable and that meet policy settings.

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Applies To: Access 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Word 2010

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