Effects of sharing your Business Contact Manager database on E-Mail Auto-Linking

Because the E-Mail Auto-Linking feature provides users with a way to link incoming and outgoing e-mail messages (including meeting requests and assigned tasks) automatically to any specified Account or Business Contactrecord, these messages are accessible by anyone who can access the records in a Business Contact Manager database.

The following paragraphs explain the different privacy or security considerations, depending on whether you are the only user accessing your own database, or if you are one of multiple users accessing the same shared Business Contact Manager database.

If you are the only user of your database

When there is only one user of database, the security considerations are minimal—such as keeping your password secure. Any e-mail address can be enabled for e-mail auto-linking because no one else can see the messages.

Note: The only user can also share the Business Contact Manager database in order to use the database offline—such as on a portable computer—but there is still only one user of the database.

If there are multiple users of your database

When you share a Business Contact Manager database with other users, your E-Mail Auto-Linking settings remain the same unless you change them. This means that if any of your messages is automatically linked, any user with access to the database can see the linked message.

Note: You can disable the e-mail autolinking on any or all e-mail addresses to prevent other users of the Business Contact Manager database from having access to e-mail messages that you exchange with your Business Contacts and Accounts. To make changes to your E-mail Auto-Linking settings, on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Manage E-mail Auto-linking.

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