Edit a Product or Service in Business Contact Manager

To edit an existing product and service item in your Products and Service Items list, in Business Contact Manager for Outlook, update the following fields:

Item name      Type the name of the product or service item.

Description      Type a description of the product or service.

Default Quantity      Type the number of products or services that you typically sell at one time. The default quantity is 1.

Unit cost      Type the cost of a single unit of the product or service.

Unit Price      Type the price of a single unit of the product or service.

Note: The Description, Unit cost, and Unit Price fields are not editable for items that come from your accounting system.

The difference between the cost and price of a unit is automatically calculated, and is displayed in the Markup field.

Default Tax      Select Taxable to indicate that tax is required for an item.

If you access this form from an Opportunity record, you can indicate any discounts you may offer or receive. In the Discount field, type the percentage discount. The Line Total (Before Discount) and Line Total fields are calculated automatically.

Note: To access this form, on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Product and Service Items List. On the Products and Services form, click Edit. The Edit button is available if the item is found only in Business Contact Manager for Outlook. If Business Contact Manager for Outlook and your accounting system are integrated, items in the list can be found in your accounting system and Business Contact Manager for Outlook. You can also access this form from an open Opportunity. In the Products and services section, select an item, and then click Edit.

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