E-mail Auto-link to Business Contact Manager records

By using Business Contact Manager for Outlook, you can choose to link all e-mail messages from or to an Account or Business Contact to the communication history of a record. You can also link all e-mail messages with a specific subject to a Business Project.

Note: Attachments are not linked to records.

You can use this dialog box to select e-mail addresses in the open e-mail message or to select a Business Project.

The E-mail Address tab

E-mail addresses in the current e-mail message are listed on this tab, with details including alias, associated company or account name, and the type of record, such as Account or Business Contact.

Link     Select the e-mail addresses you want to link automatically to the communication history of your records.

Select All      Click this button to select all the e-mail addresses in the list.

Clear All      Click this button to clear all the check boxes and stop linking e-mail messages.

Note: The E-mail Auto-link feature automatically creates Business Contact records from any e-mail addresses that are not already linked to an Account or Business Contact record.

The Business Contact Manager Projects tab

Subject    The text from the Subject line of the selected e-mail message is displayed here.

On the Business Contact Manager Projects tab, click the Project Name header to sort the list by project name. If any of the Accounts or Business Contacts listed in the open e-mail message are already linked to one or more Business Contacts, the Business Contacts appear on this tab.

Note: To access this form from the Outlook Inbox, select the message, and then, on the Business Contact Manager toolbar, click E-mail Auto-link. To access this form from an open e-mail message, on the Ribbon, in the Business Contact Manager group, click E-mail Auto-link.

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