Download a Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF attachment in

When you receive an Office document or a PDF file as an attachment in your Inbox, you can download it to your computer, where you can store it or open it to print. Just click, the attachment.

Click the attachment to download it

If you happen to click View online, the attachment opens in Office Online. You can still download the document by clicking Download, next to the File tab.

Download command

However, if you are downloading the document so that you can read it—or print or edit it—you might not need to download the document at all. You can view, print, and edit Office attachments by using the View online command on the attachment, which opens the document in Office Online.

Viewing the document

With Microsoft Office Online you don’t have to download an Office attachment to open and read it. On the attachment, click View online to open the document in Office Online.

View online

  • Word and PDF attachments open in Word Online, which displays the document in the equivalent of Print Layout view in Microsoft Word.

  • PowerPoint attachments open in PowerPoint Online, which lets you advance through the slides and view speaker notes. You can also view the presentation as a slide show, including transitions and slide animations.

  • Excel attachments open in Excel Online, where you can view data, and switch to another worksheet in the workbook.

Printing the document

Print the attachment using commands in Office Online rather than your web browser.

On the File tab click Print > Print to PDF (Or, in Excel Online: just click Print on the File tab, and then click Print again.

Print command in Word Web App

And then click the link for viewing the PDF. Open the PDF to print the document.


  • In Word Online and PowerPoint Online, a PDF viewer is required for printing documents.

  • In PDF attachments, which are displayed in Word Online, download the PDF to print it. For more information, see PDFs open in Word Online for viewing, printing, and editing.

  • In Excel Online, you can print a range of cells rather than printing the entire worksheet. Select the range of cells before you click Print. For more information, see Print a spreadsheet inExcel Online.

Editing the document

You can edit the document without downloading it. This lets you work on documents when you are away from a computer that has Office installed, or to work on documents together with friends and colleagues who don’t have Office. Just click Edit in Browser.

Edit in Browser command saves the document on your OneDrive: file storage that you get with your Microsoft Account. If the attachment is in a file format earlier than Office 2007, it is converted to the Microsoft Office 2010 (and later) format.

Office Online programs are intended to make it easier to share documents together with other people and to work on your documents anywhere. They don’t have all the features of the Office desktop applications. You can make basic edits to documents, but for full Office features, click Open in Word, Open in Excel, or Open in PowerPoint. When you click Save in the Office desktop application, the file is automatically saved back on your OneDrive.

When you are finished, close Office Online by clicking Close in the upper-right corner of the Office Online program window.

Close asks whether you want to reply to those who got the original attachment. This lets them know that you updated it. Click Yes to send a message that includes a link to the document that you edited. Everyone on the e-mail thread now has the same copy of the document to work on, which they can open in Office Online or the Office desktop applications.

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