Display your schedule and tasks on the desktop

My Day is a standalone application that displays Outlook information. Even when Outlook is closed, you can keep My Day open on your desktop to conveniently see your schedule, manage tasks, and access your contacts.

The following illustration shows the most important elements of the My Day window.

My Day window

Callout 1  Day switcher buttons

Callout 2 Calendar area

Callout 3  Toggle button to show incomplete or completed tasks

Callout 4  New task button

Callout 5 Show or hide tasks button

Callout 6  Show or hide Contacts Search

Callout 7  My Day preferences button

  1. On the Outlook toolbar, click My Day  My Day button .

  2. In the My Day application, do any of the following:


Do this

View events and tasks for the next day or the previous day

Click the day switcher buttons My Day arrow buttons .

Tip: The keyboard shortcuts for moving forward or back one day are COMMAND + RIGHT ARROW and COMMAND + LEFT ARROW .

View details of a calendar event

Click the event.

Open an event, task, or flagged item in Outlook

Double-click the item.

Show or hide the day's task list

Click the Tasks button My Day Tasks button .

Switch between showing incomplete or completed tasks for the day

With the Tasks list showing, click Tasks or Completed  My Day - Tasks or Completed toggle .

Mark a task or flagged item as complete

Select the check box next to the item.

The item is moved from the Tasks list to the Completed list in My Day, and also marked as complete in Outlook.

Create a new task

Click My Day New Task button , enter details about the task, and then click Save.

Search for a contact

Click the Contacts button My Day Contacts Search .

Tip: When you find the contact that you want, you can select the contact to show buttons to create New E-mail and New Meeting with the contact.

Set My Day preferences

Click My Day Preferences button .

Show My Day in the Dock

Click My Day Preferences button , click the General tab, select the Show My Day in menu bar check box, and then select the Show My Day in Dock check box.

Tip: In My Day preferences, you can set keyboard shortcuts for creating a task and showing or hiding the My Day window.

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