Display the Excel Web Access Web Part in Web Browser view

Microsoft Office Excel Web Access is a Web Part that can be displayed alone on a Web Part Page, or connected to other Web Parts on a dashboard or other Web Part Page. Office Excel Web Access is often customized by the Web Part Page author to display information from the workbook in a smaller size than the Web Part Page, but you can maximize the display size of Excel Web Access for your viewing convenience by displaying it in Web Browser view (xlviewer.aspx).

  1. If necessary, open the Web Part Page that contains the Excel Web Access Web Part.

  2. Click the Web Part title in the title bar at the top of the Excel Web Access Web Part.

    The Web Part title does not work or behaves differently.

    The Web Part author may have customized the Web Part by changing the Auto-Generate Web Part Title custom property, either by setting the Title URL common property in the Advanced section to an empty value or by entering an alternative URL.

    For more information, see Excel Web Access Web Part custom properties.

  3. To return to the previous Web page, at the top of the current Web page, click Previous at the end of the Breadcrumb navigation control.

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