Design with Themes, Part 2: Advanced Custom Themes

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Download this .pdf tutorial and build on your knowledge of themes in PowerPoint.


Inside this course:

In Design with Themes - Part 1, you learned how in a few steps, you can customize any built-in theme and then apply your theme to a new presentation. In this tutorial, you will build on that knowledge and use slide master view to further customize the theme, by adding a logo and placeholder text and by changing the slide background and bullet formatting.

Before you begin
1. Switch to Slide Master view
2. Customize master title and text
3. Add a picture
4. Change the background
5. Save your theme
6. Apply theme to a new presentation
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Practice file:

Tutorial lessons are designed to be viewed in order. Download and use this practice file for hands-on experience while taking the tutorial.

MyNewTheme.thmx (640 KB)

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