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Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Step by Step
By Curtis D. Frye

Curtis D. Frye is a freelance author and Microsoft Office Excel Most Valuable Professional living in Portland, Oregon. He is a coauthor of Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out and the author of Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Step by Step, Microsoft Excel Version 2002 Plain & Simple, Faster Smarter Home Networking, several books on Microsoft Access, and numerous online training courses.

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As you work with Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you will probably develop preferred formats for data labels, titles, and other worksheet elements. Instead of adding the format’s characteristics one element at a time to the target cells, you can have Office Excel 2007 store the format and recall it as needed. You can find the predefined formats available to you by displaying the Home tab of the user interface and then, in the Styles group, clicking Cell Styles.

the cell styles gallery

Clicking a style from the Cell Styles gallery applies the style to the selected cells. However, Office Excel 2007 goes a step beyond previous versions of the program by displaying a live preview of a format when you hover your mouse pointer on it. If none of the existing styles is what you want, you can create your own style by displaying the Cell Styles gallery and, at the bottom of the gallery, clicking New Cell Style to display the Style dialog box. In the Style dialog box, type the name of your new style in the Style name field and then click Format. The Format Cells dialog box appears.

the format cells dialog box

After you set the characteristics of your new style, click OK to make your style available in the Cell Styles gallery. If you ever want to delete a style, display the Cell Styles gallery, right-click the style, and then click Delete.

The Style dialog box is quite versatile, but it’s overkill if all you want to do is apply formatting changes you made to a cell to the contents of another cell. To do so, use the Format Painter button, found in the Home tab’s Clipboard group. Just click the cell that has the format you want to copy, click the Format Painter button, and select the target cells to have Office Excel 2007 apply the copied format to the target range.

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