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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

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With the new design of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you'll create presentations quickly and smoothly. Office PowerPoint 2007 also has new options for designing slide content that will give your presentations a fresh, polished look. How does PowerPoint deliver on these promises? Here are some examples.

The new Ribbon, part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, keeps the commands that you use most often visible while you're working instead of hiding under menus or toolbars that you have to hunt for. Also, commands that you may not have known about before are now very easy to discover.

When it comes to designing your slides, live preview of style galleries lets you see how things such as backgrounds and shape formatting will look before you apply them. A new SmartArt graphics feature offers new diagram types and more layout options, and lets you convert text such as a bulleted list into a diagram.

Watch this demo to get familiar with the new design, and to see for yourself that you won't have to learn PowerPoint all over again.

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