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A Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 notebook gives you a familiar context for keeping notes, and adds all the advantages of electronic format. Your notebook is divided into sections of as many pages as you need, and on each page you can type notes, copy files, record audio notes, paste screen clippings, add hyperlinks — in short, save information in a convenient place no matter where you find it. Your notebook is searchable, too, which means it only takes seconds to find what you're looking for.

Create a new notebook with just a few clicks, and set it up the way you want it. To share with colleagues? For your eyes only? You choose. Add sections to organize information the way you want: by client, by product, by date, by region... Anything you could write on a paper divider tab, you can designate as a OneNote notebook section. Then add pages to the sections as you need them. And you're not stuck with your first choices — you can rearrange it all later by just clicking and dragging. Watch the demo to see the possibilities.

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Applies To: OneNote 2007

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