Demo: OneNote 2007 — An Executive’s Best Practices

Jeff Raikes Jeff Raikes
former President, Microsoft Business Division

I recently had the opportunity to show some members of the Office team how I use Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 to manage my busy life. We thought it might be helpful to share this information with our customers by presenting some of my own best practices for using OneNote as an information repository and management tool. As both an executive and an information worker, I've found that OneNote greatly improves the way I manage my information, and it has quickly become one of my favorite programs.

In this demo, a member of our training team will walk you through some of my favorite features and show you how OneNote can help you keep it all together. I really hope that you can apply some of these ideas in your own work.

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If you're not already using OneNote, I would encourage you to try it. Once you try it for yourself, I think you'll agree that OneNote is a wonderful tool to manage a busy life — both at work and at home!

Jeff Raikes

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