Demo: Headers and footers made simple

See how you can add headers and footers, customize them, and use different headers and footers on different pages of your document.

It's easier than ever to customize your Word 2007 documents with unique headers and footers. You don't need to be a designer—with a few clicks you can create a designer look while you insert an additional layer of information in multipage documents. Choose from a gallery of designs, and change the theme to suit your needs.

These demos show you how headers and footers can make your work look more professional and help readers keep their bearings. Remember, people don't necessarily read a report or paper from page 1—they skip ahead to the parts that interest them and even extract and photocopy sections. When you set Word to automatically add elements like page numbers, section titles, date, and author name, you ensure that each page bears the essential information that situates it within the whole of your document. Take the demos for a spin and take your documents to a whole new level.

Down arrow Download the set of three demos. The contents of each demo you will receive are explained below.

Insert and customize headers and footers

In this demo, you learn how to add page numbers to multiple-page documents, customize your document from a gallery of predesigned headers and footers, and even change the theme if you like.

How to do it (text version):

Use different headers and footers on different pages

In this demo, you create different headers and footers for odd and even pages. You learn how to customize the headers and footers in different sections or chapters of your document. You also select a cover page design and set the page numbering to start on the first page of text.

How to do it (text version):

Tips for working with headers and footers

Inherit a document that already contains headers and footers? In this demo, you learn how to change existing headers and footers or delete them and add your own. You also learn how to save the headers and footers you create for future use and how to add a file name path to a document header.

How to do it (text version):

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