Delete organizations

The feature described in this Help topic is available only if any of the following versions of both Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 are installed: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, or Korean.

  1. Click the Site Action tab on the top right side of the Site page where Group Approval is installed. If the tab is not shown, make sure that you are logged in as administrator.

  2. Click Site Settings to go to the Site Settings page. You may have to click Site Settings and Modify All Site Settings again according to the templates applied to sites.

  3. To go to the Users and Organizations page, under the Group Approval Administration, click Users and Organizations.

  4. On the taskbar displayed on the top of the screen, click Settings, and then Manage Organization Chart.

  5. Click and highlight the organization to delete from the displayed organization chart. On the taskbar on the top of the screen, click Actions,and then click Delete Organization.

  6. When you are prompted to delete, click OK. After you delete an organization, all sub-organizations of that organization are also deleted. Members who do not belong to any organization in the organization chart are moved to the Isolated users group. Files stored in the folder for the organization that has been deleted are moved and stored in the folder for the parent organization.

    Note: When a document stored in the folder for the organization is used, the folder may not be deleted. In this case, delete the folder manually.

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