Deal with abuse, phishing, or spam in

Here's how to deal with online abuse, phishing scams, and junk email sent to or coming from accounts.

Reporting abuse

  • If you're being threatened, call your local law enforcement.

  • To report harassment, impersonation, child exploitation, child pornography, or other illegal activities received via an account, forward the offending email to Include any relevant info, such as the number of times you've received messages from the account and the relationship, if any, between you and the sender.

  • To report abuse received from a account, go to to identify the correct abuse reporting address.

Recovering your account after it's been hacked

If someone has gotten into your account, or you got a confirmation email for a password change you didn’t authorize, you can recover your account. See My account has been hacked for more information.

Protecting yourself from phishing scams

A phishing scam is an email that seems legitimate, but is an attempt to get your personal information or steal your money.

  • Never reply to an email that asks you to send personal or account information.

  • If you receive an email that looks suspicious or asks you for this type of information, never click links that supposedly take you to a company website.

  • Never open any file attached to a suspicious-looking email.

  • If the email appears to come from a company, contact the company's customer service via phone or web browser to see if the email is legitimate.

  • Search the web for the email subject line followed by the word hoax to see if anyone else has reported this scam.

If you believe you've received a phishing scam, report the email by selecting the arrow next to Junk and choosing one of the following options.

  • Junk Use this option for routine unwanted email.

  • Phishing scam Use this option for an email that is trying to trick you into giving out your personal information such as your password, bank account information, or Social Security number.

  • My friend's been hacked Use this option if you start getting junk email or phishing scams from a sender you would normally trust.

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