Data for export

Visio cells and fields

Select cells you want to export, and then click Add. To export data from all cells, click Add All.

Shape data is stored in the Shape Data dialog box where you can enter data relevant to a shape. Many Microsoft Office Visio shapes have shape data fields already assigned. For example, shapes on the flowchart stencils have Cost, Duration, and Resources data fields. Although shape data is stored in ShapeSheet cells, you usually enter data by selecting shapes and clicking Shape Data on the Data menu or Shape Data Window on the View menu.

Show all cells

Select to show all the cells you are exporting from. Clear to display only the shapes' shape data. Shape data names begin with Prop.

Cells and fields to export

Lists the cells the wizard will export. To remove a cell, select it, and then click Remove. To remove all cells, click Remove All.

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