Currency Adjustment form: options and information

According to generally accepted accounting principles, if your company records transactions in foreign currencies, you must adjust all foreign currency bank and credit card account balances as well as foreign currency customer and vendor balances to the bank exchange rate as of the Balance Sheet report date. The net balance of the effects of currency rate changes are recorded to currency difference accounts. This is commonly done at year end but can be done on a monthly basis if desired.

Use the Currency Adjustment form to calculate these adjustments, and then apply the exchange gains and losses to the accounts that have been set up to record these differences.

Open the form

  • On the Company menu, point to Foreign Currency, and then click Currency Adjustment.

Adjust currency

You can adjust only one currency at a time. When you open the form, all currency accounts are displayed. When you select a currency, only customer, vendor, and bank account information in that currency is displayed and adjusted.

Note: Only account balances are displayed, not individual transactions.

To change the exchange rate for all listed currencies in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 without leaving the Currency Adjustment form, on the toolbar, click Exchange rate.

Form options




Displays the current date. To select another date for the adjustment, click the arrow to open the calendar.


(Required.) Click the arrow to select the currency that you want to adjust. The most recent rate entered in the system for the currency is displayed in the field to the right. You can type a different rate in the field; when you press the TAB key, the table is recalculated. However, we recommend that you perform updates on all your currencies at once in the Exchange Rate Update dialog box. After you have made the exchange rate updates, on the toolbar, click Recalculate.

Check box

Select the check boxes of the foreign currency accounts that you want to adjust. To select all the currencies, select the check box next to Type.


(Read-only.) Displays the type of foreign currency account that you are adjusting. It can be Customer, Vendor, Bank, or Credit Card.


(Read-only.) Displays the name of the customer, vendor, bank account, or credit card account.


(Read-only.) Displays the currency of the accounts that you are adjusting.


(Read-only.) Displays the balance of the accounts in the foreign currency.

Balance (USD)

(Read-only.) Displays the balance of the accounts in the base currency.

Exchange Gain

(Read-only.) Displays the amount of gain that is recognized due to currency rate fluctuation.

Exchange Loss

(Read-only.) Displays the amount of loss that is recognized due to currency rate fluctuation.

New Balance (USD)

(Read-only.) Displays the revised balance of an account after the currency rate adjustment.

Total adjustment (USD)

(Read-only.) Displays the total amount of calculated adjustment for all selected foreign currency accounts.

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