ten-year-old boy on crutches

By Cormac Liotta , aged 10

When I sprained my knee playing kickball, I learned a lot about mobility.

It was great. I was in a pickle, between bases, about to steal home, doing that back-and-forth, wobbly dance you do when you're not sure if you'll make it. All of a sudden, I heard a POP! and felt a burning pain in my left knee. I was sure that my knee had been ripped right out of my body. Before I knew it, I was on the ground, crying. Everyone saw me crying. Even the girls.

My mom brought me and my throbbing knee to the doctor the next day. After they took x-rays and twisted it a bunch of different ways, they told me I had injured the medial collateral ligament (MCL) of my knee. This meant I was going to be walking with crutches for at least two weeks. I would be wearing a stiff brace around my knee. No more sports for a while.

If you have found yourself all of a sudden needing to use crutches, I have a couple of tips for you.

How to walk with crutches

  • The tops of your crutches should be about one to two inches below your armpits when you are standing up.

  • The hand grips of the crutches should be even with your hip.

  • Your elbows should be kind of bendy when you're holding the grips.

  • Your shoulders should lean forward slightly while using the crutches.

  • Keep the top of the crutches tightly against your sides and lean on your hands.

  • Don't let your armpits hang on the top of the crutches; this can bug your armpits.

How to go on stairs with crutches

  • Use both crutches and start with your good leg.

  • Lift the unhurt leg up first, hanging tight onto the crutches.

  • Once your good leg is on the ground, move the crutches to the next step and let the hurt leg follow.

  • Repeat.

General advice

  • Whenever you make a plan to go somewhere, allow extra time to get there.

  • Take it easy at first. I was pretty excited to use the crutches, and didn't know that my whole body would have to adjust to them. Everything was sore for at least a couple of days, not just my knee.

  • Be nice to your sister and she will bring you more ice.

  • Wait for your mom to help you out of the car so you don't fall out.

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About the author

Cormac Liotta is in 4th grade.

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