Creating links to workspace tools

You can create a link to any workspace tool. A link can go to any tool in any workspace in which you are a member.

  1. Click the tool you want to be the target of the link.

  2. On the Home tab, click Copy as Link.

  3. Click the tool in which you want to paste the link.

  4. Select the rich-text location in which you want to paste the link.

    For example, you could place a link to a tool in a Discussion entry or Notepad page in another workspace, in a message, or in a file from another software application, such as Microsoft Word.

  5. On the Home tab, click Paste.

    The link displays with the name of the tool as the link's target. The example below shows a link to a Calendar tool in a Discussion topic:

Workspace tool link

If you want, you can edit the link text.

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