Create subtasks and summary tasks

Indent and outdent tasks to show hierarchy — that is, to make your task list an outline. An indented task becomes a subtask of the task above it, which becomes a summary task. A summary task is made up of subtasks, and it shows their combined information.

  1. Go to the Gantt Chart.

  2. In the Task Name column, click the task you want to indent.

  3. Click Task > Indent Indent Task button in the ribbon.. The task becomes a subtask.

  4. Click Outdent Outdent Task button on the ribbon. to move the task back to the level of the task above it. It’s no longer a subtask.

    The Schedule group on the Task tab.

Work with summary tasks

  • To create a high-level view of a project’s phases, you can hide some or all of the subtasks.

  • When you move or delete a summary task, Project moves or deletes all of its subtasks. Before you delete a summary task, outdent the subtasks you want to keep.

  • You can change the duration of a summary task without changing each subtask. But be careful — changing the duration of the summary task does not necessarily change the durations of the subtasks.

  • Don’t forget to link tasks after you make an outline. Subtasks and summary tasks create structure, but they don’t create task dependencies.

  • Avoid assigning resources to summary tasks. Assign them to the subtasks instead, or you might not be able to resolve overallocations.

    Note    Summary tasks don’t always add up. Some summary task values (cost and work) are the total of the subtask values, others (duration and baseline) aren’t.

More about subtasks and summary tasks

Applies To: Project Professional 2016, Project 2010, Project Pro for Office 365, Project Standard 2010, Project Standard 2013, Project Standard 2016, Project Professional 2013

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