Create or Update a Support Session

Subject. Required. Specifies the session ID.

Summary Mail Id. Lists the people to which you want to send the session summary report. Use full e-mail addresses separated by semi-colons.

Session Options. Opens the Session Options page.

Save. Schedules the session on the server.

Cancel. Exits the Create or Update Support Session page, without creating or updating the session.

All items marked with a red asterisk in the Create or Update Support Session page are required and must be supplied before the session can be created.

Default meeting options are configured by the Live Meeting Administrator. You can override the defaults by changing them and saving your own default settings to use for future meetings.

My Home

Opens the My Home page.


  • Schedule Meeting. Opens the Schedule Meeting template.

  • Meet Now. Joins you to your Meet Now meeting room.

  • Join Meeting. Displays the Join Meeting page.


  • Meetings. Opens the Manage Meetings page, where you can view and sort all your meetings.

  • Recordings. Links to the Manage Recordings page, where you can view and sort all your meeting recordings.

  • Storage. Opens to the Manage Storage page, where you can view and manage storage of meetings and recordings.

  • User Preferences. Displays the User Preferences page, where you can configure or edit your user preference settings.

  • Address Book. Opens the Manage Address Book page, where you can view contacts in your personal address book.

  • Events. Links to the Events page, where you can view, filter, and create new events.

  • Easy Assist

    • Create Session. Opens the Create Support Session template.

    • Join Session. Displays the Join a support session dialog box.


  • Recordings. Displays the View Recordings page, where you can view a list of your recordings.

  • Reports. Opens the View Reports page, where you can generate those reports that your level of Live Meeting permissions permits.

Administer (account Administrators only)

  • Account. Opens the Account Administration Home page (if you have an account Administrator membership).

When you are not logged on to Live Meeting Manager, the navigation menu does not include all the items described above.

Only Live Meeting account Administrators see the Administer item in the navigation menu.

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