Create mailing labels by using Mail Merge

When you perform a mail merge, Word inserts the records from a data source, or recipients list, into your main document. A recipients list for a mail merge operation can be an Excel sheet, the Office Address Book, a FileMaker Pro database, a Word document, or a delimited text file.

Important: You must have an existing recipients list, such as a Word document that has addresses, to complete this procedure.For more information about how to set up a recipients list, see Create a data source for a mail merge

  1. On the File menu, choose New Blank Document.

    A new, blank Word document opens. This becomes your main document.

  2. On the View menu, choose Print Layout.

  3. On the Tools menu, choose Mail Merge Manager.

  4. Under 1. Select Document Type, select Create New, and then choose Labels.

  5. Under Printer information, choose the type of printer that you use.

  6. On the Label products pop-up menu, click the manufacturer of your labels.

    Tip: For more label products, on the Label products pop-up menu, choose Other.

  7. Under Product number, select the type of label that you have, and then choose OK.

    Tip: For information about the margins and other characteristics of a label, choose Details.

  8. In the Mail Merge Manager, under 2. Select Recipients List, choose Get List, and then select the source for the recipients list (for example, Office Address Book).

  9. On the Insert Merge Field pop-up menu, choose a field name in the list (for example, FirstName).

    Word adds the field name to the Sample label box.

    Tip: To return to this dialog box later, in the Mail Merge Manager under 2. Select Recipients List, choose Add or remove placeholders on labels  Add or remove placeholders button .

  10. Repeat step 9 for each field that you want to appear in your labels.

  11. After you add all the fields that you want, choose OK.

    Your field names are copied into all the labels in your main document.

  12. In your main document, edit the first label to add spaces, commas, and carriage returns where you want them.

  13. In the Mail Merge Manager, under 2. Select Recipients List, c Fill in the items to complete your document  Fill in Items to Complete Document button .

    Word applies the formatting that you use for the first label to all the labels.

  14. To finish your labels, do one of the following:


Do this

Preview your labels

In the Mail Merge Manager, under 5. Preview Results, choose View Merged Data  View Merged Data button .

Print your labels immediately

In the Mail Merge Manager, under 6. Complete Merge, choose Merge to Printer  Merge to Printer button .

Create a document that contains your merged labels that you can save

In the Mail Merge Manager, under 6. Complete Merge, choose Merge to New Document  Complete Mail Merge button .

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