Create, edit, or delete contact lists in or Outlook on the web

Note: Sign in to Outlook on the web using any Microsoft account, including email accounts ending in,, or — and Office 365 work or student accounts.

In Outlook on the web, use the Outlook People page to create, edit, or delete contact lists.

Create a contact list

Edit a contact list

Delete or restore a contact list

Create a contact list

A contact list is a collection of contacts or people (also known as a distribution list.) You can send an email message to a contact list. When you send the message, it goes to all of the people in the list at the same time. For example, you might create a contact list named "My book club" and add all of the members of your book club to it. Then to address a message to everyone in the club, you would only have to enter "My book club" on the To: line of the email.

  1. On the Outlook navigation pane, click the app launcher Select the app launcher , and click the People tile.

  2. Under My Contacts in the left pane, select the folder that you want to create the contact list in.


    • If My Contacts is selected rather than a particular folder, the new contact list is created in the Contacts folder.

    • After you create a contact list in a folder, it isn't possible to move it to a different folder. To store a contact list in a different folder after you create it, you can delete it and re-create it in the other folder.

  3. Under the Outlook navigation pane, click New down arrow, and then click New contact list.

    New > Contact list

  4. Under Edit list, enter the Contact list name, the contact list Members, and optional Notes.

  5. Click Save Save.

Note: To create a specialized group email list, follow the process steps for creating a contact list.

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Edit a contact list

You can edit contact lists that you create or import into Outlook on the web.

  1. In the middle pane under Contacts, check the box next to the contact list you want to edit, and then under the Outlook navigation bar, click Edit.

  2. Make the changes you want.

  3. Click Save Save.

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Delete or restore a contact list

You can delete contact lists that you created or imported into Outlook on the web. You can also recover contact lists you deleted less than 30 days ago. When you recover a contact list, Outlook on the web automatically places it in the My Contacts folder.

Delete a contact list

  1. Select the contact list.

  2. Click Delete.

Restore a contact list
  1. Under the Outlook navigation pane, click Manage, and select Restore deleted contacts.

  2. In the Recover deleted items window, check the box to the left of each contact list you want to restore.

  3. At the bottom right corner of the Recover deleted items window, click Recover.

  4. In the Recover items box, click OK.

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Create, edit, or delete contacts in Outlook on the web

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