Create an Excel spreadsheet report by using PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer (PerformancePoint Server)

You can use PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer to create dashboards that contain a variety of report types, including a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 spreadsheet report. You can use Excel spreadsheet reports to enable dashboard users to view static spreadsheets and charts without having to install Excel or Office Access 2007.

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Learn more about spreadsheet reports

Create a spreadsheet report

Learn more about spreadsheet reports

PerformancePoint dashboards may contain spreadsheet reports to provide supplemental reports that do not require user interactivity. For example, suppose that you are creating a dashboard for a sales team and that, along with reports and scorecards that show sales results, you also want to include a price list. You decide to create a spreadsheet report to display that price list as a static view. That is, dashboard consumers can view, but not modify, the information in your spreadsheet.

As another example, suppose that you are creating a dashboard for a financial executive You want to include a scorecard and reports that show current performance, but you also want to include a spreadsheet that shows results for the previous year. You create a spreadsheet report to display that information. That way, your financial executive can view both current and past performance in your dashboard.

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Create a spreadsheet report

  1. Click the Create tab, and then click Other Reports.

  2. In the Select a Report Template dialog box, click Spreadsheet, and then click OK.

  3. In the Name box, type a name for your report. To specify where you want to store your report in PerformancePoint Monitoring Server, click Select Display Folder and then select or create a folder. Click Finish.

  4. On the Confirmation page, review the information in the Details pane, and then click Close. The spreadsheet displays in the center pane of the Dashboard Designer workspace.

  5. Type or paste the data that you want to display in your report.

  6. Click the Home tab, and then click Publish Item to save your report to Monitoring Server.

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