Create a web datasheet view

To create a web datasheet view of a table in an Access app, click the table name and click Add View (the plus sign button next to the view names). In the Add New View dialog, set View Type to Datasheet.

The Add View dialog box

What’s a web datasheet view?

A web datasheet view displays online data arranged in rows and columns in a web browser. It can allow data edits or not, as you prefer.

When you create a web datasheet view, it opens in Design View, where you can do any of the following:

  • Set the record source

  • Provide a caption for the view

  • Add automatic actions that happen when the view opens and when someone moves between records using the view

  • Add custom actions that happen when someone clicks a button (you pick the button)

Set the record source for the view

On the top right of the design area, click Data to open the Data box:

The Data dialog of a web datasheet view

Choose the table or query to provide data for the view, and optionally check the Read Only check box to prevent people from changing the data in this view. When you’re done making changes, just close the dialog.

Provide a caption

On the top right of the design area, click Formatting to open the Formatting box:

The Formatting dialog of a web datasheet view

Choose whether you want the Action Bar to be visible or hidden. In the Caption box, enter the text to display on the datasheet when it is open in a browser window. When you’re finished, just close the dialog.

Add automatic actions

On the top right of the design area, click Actions to open the Actions box:

The Actions dialog in a web datasheet view

Each button opens a macro in Design View. Click On Load to design a macro that runs when the datasheet opens, and click On Current for a macro that runs whenever someone selects a different row in the datasheet. When you’re done, just close the dialog.

Add custom actions

At top center of the design area, click Add custom action (the plus sign button next to the Action Bar). The new action shows up as a button with a star icon:

A custom action button on a web datasheet

Click the custom action button, and then click the Data button that appears. Access opens the Data dialog for the custom action:

The Data dialog of a custom action on a web datasheet

Give your action a name, a tooltip (text that appears when the pointer hovers over the action icon), and pick an icon to use, then click On Click to open macro Design View and write a macro that runs when the custom action button is clicked.

More information about Access apps

Web datasheet views are a feature of Access apps – databases running in a browser that people can use online – but they are only one feature. To learn more about Access apps, see the article Create an Access app.

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Applies To: Access 2013

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