Create a watermark from a picture

You can use a picture for a watermark in your document. You can add the picture as a watermark and give it a washout effect, or you can add a picture in the header and position it behind the document text. The second approach is more complicated, but it also gives you a larger set of picture-formatting options. You can choose the approach that best fits your needs.

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Insert a picture as a watermark

Insert a picture in the header

Insert a picture as a watermark

You can automatically turn a picture or a photo into a watermark that you can use to brand or decorate a document.

  1. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.

    Office 14 Ribbon

  2. Click Custom Watermark.

  3. Click Picture watermark, and then click Select Picture.

  4. Select the picture that you want, and then click Insert.

  5. Select a percentage under Scale to insert the picture at a particular size

  6. Select the Washout check box to lighten the picture so that it doesn't interfere with text.

    The picture that you selected is applied as a watermark to the entire document.

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Insert a picture in the header

If you want to use more picture effects when you format your watermark, you can insert the picture in the header and then position it behind the text.

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Header and Footer group, click Header, and then click Edit Header.

  2. On the Header and Footer Tools tab, in the Insert group, click Picture.

    Insert group on the Header and Footer Tools tab

  3. Browse to the image that you want to use, and then click Insert.

  4. On the Picture Tools tab, in the Arrange group, click Position, and then click the centered option under With Text Wrapping.

    Position options

  5. In the Arrange group, click Wrap Text, and then click Behind Text.

    Behind Text wrapping option

  6. In the Adjust group, click Color, and then click an option that will lighten your picture enough so that you can still read your text.

    Color options

  7. Make any other changes that you want to the picture brightness or picture style.

  8. On the Header & Footer Tools tab, click Close.Header and Footer.

    Header and footer Close button

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