Create a table in Excel Online when using a screen reader

Using only your keyboard and a screen reader, you can create a table in Excel Online. Tables provide easy filtering, in addition to calculated columns and total rows, which simplify calculations. You can quickly insert a table in the default table style, or format your data as a table in a style that you choose.

Here's how:

  1. In Excel Online, select the cells that you want to include in the table.

  2. Press Ctrl+L to open the Create Table dialog box.

  3. In the Create Table dialog box, press Shift+Tab to move to the My table has headers check box. Press the spacebar to check or uncheck the box, depending on whether you want the top row to be used as the table header.

    Important: Table headers are required to make a table accessible for screen readers. Screen readers use header information to understand how to locate table cells.

  4. Press Tab until you get to the OK button, and press Enter.

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