Create a spreadsheet in Excel Online when using a screen reader

Using only your keyboard and a screen reader, you can create a new spreadsheet in Excel Online. Here's how:

Create a spreadsheet from the Office Online home page

  1. Press Tab until you get to Excel Online, then press Enter.

  2. Press Tab until you hear “New blank workbook,” then press Enter.

  3. Excel Online automatically names your workbook Book.xlsx. To rename the new workbook, press Ctrl+F6 until you reach the active tab (you'll hear "Selected" and a tab name.)

  4. To select the File menu, press Shift+Tab. You'll hear "Menu, File tab selected."

  5. In the File menu, use Down Arrow to move to the Save As item, then press Enter.

  6. Press the Down Arrow until you reach Save As Online, then press Enter.

  7. Type a file name in the File Name dialog box, then press the Tab key twice to move to the Save button, and press Enter.

Create a spreadsheet from OneDrive

To open your OneDrive, navigate to, and sign in.

  1. Press Tab until you hear “New.”

  2. Press Shift+Enter.

  3. Press the Down Arrow until you hear “Excel workbook,” then press Enter.

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