Create a section group in OneNote for Mac

In OneNote, a section group lets you combine multiple sections into their own group. When you open a particular section group, you’ll see only those sections that you’ve chosen to move to that group, making it much easier to navigate through the section tabs of a large notebook.

For example, instead of having a list of twelve sections visible (for example, one for each month of the year) that can easily scroll out of view on a smaller screen, you could create four section groups — one for each quarter of the year — and then move the section tabs of each of the corresponding three months into the corresponding section group for that quarter.

To create a new section group, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the notebook in which you want to create a new section group.

  2. On the menu bar, click File > New Section Group.

  3. Type a meaningful description for the new section group, and then press Return.


  • To add new sections to the section group you currently have open, click File > New Section. You can start taking notes on the blank page in each new section you create, or add additional pages where needed. Alternately, if you want to bring existing sections and pages into this section group from this or any of your other notebooks, see Move or copy notes in OneNote for Mac.

  • To change the name of a section group, hold the Control key while clicking its name in the list, and then click Rename. When the current section group name is selected, type the new name you want.

  • To delete a section group, hold the Control key while clicking its name, and then click Delete. Be careful — when you delete a section group from a notebook, all of the sections that the group contains will also be deleted, including all of the pages contained in each of the individual sections, as well as any inserted files and attachments that those pages may contain.

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