Create a newsletter

Choose and customize a newsletter template

  1. Start Publisher.

  2. Click Built-in and then scroll down to find the Newsletters category.
    type newsletter in the Search in the Search online templates search box to find templates that meet your needs.

  3. Choose the options that you want for customizing your design:
    Under Customize, click the color scheme and font scheme that you want.

  4. Under Customize, click the business information set that you want, or create a new one.

  5. Under Options, choose One-page spread if you plan to print your newsletter one or double-sided, or Two-page spread if you want to work with a design that includes facing pages and you plan to print your newsletter on tabloid-sized paper.

  6. Under Options, select the Include customer address check box if you want the customer address on the newsletter itself for mailing rather than on a separate envelope.

  7. Click Create.

  8. Change the templates pictures and text to your pictures and text. Include things that you’ll want to reuse in future newsletters, like a title and logo, and then save the newsletter as your own custom template. For more information on creating a customized template, see Build your brand with your own newsletter template later in this article.

  9. Save your new template by pressing Ctrl+S, navigating to the location and folder you want, and choosing Publisher Template in the Save as type box in the Save As dialog.
    Save your publication as a template for reuse.

Tip    You can tell Publisher where you always want to save your templates. If you got to File > Options > Save and enter the path to the folder you want to contain all your templates in Default personal templates location. If you do this a new tab, named Custom, will also be available when you are creating a new publication and this tab will contain all your personal templates.

Note    If you use a template that you downloaded from, you can’t customize the design until you open the publication.

The key to newsletter success

Here’s some tips for getting the most from your newsletter; to motivate the readers to action; to move them to be loyal repeat customers or volunteers for your organization.

Give your readers what they want

To succeed, newsletters must offer valuable information, and they should be short and to the point. To accomplish that, know your audience, and offer them what they want.

Short, frequent newsletters that contain timely information are preferable to longer, infrequent newsletters, according to Roger C. Parker, author of Looking Good in Print and Design to Sell. Newsletters should provide just enough information to encourage your readers to contact you or visit your organization to learn more.

Try to provide something for everyone by including a variety of short articles in each issue. The variety increases the chance that at least one article will interest your audience and entice them to contact you.

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Plan your newsletter's content

Connect with your readers and establish your credibility and authority by providing information, rather than overtly selling. Write from your reader’s point of view. By focusing on what your readers want to know instead of what you want to tell them, you can increase your newsletter's impact.

When you plan each issue of your newsletter, think in terms of categories. Make a list of the types of information that your audience finds most useful. Then try to include an article from each category in each issue. For example, your list might include:

  • Tips or how-to articles on getting more benefits from your products or services

  • An editorial about a topic of recent interest or need

  • Reviews of new products or announcements of new services

  • Special promotions

  • Customer news or success stories

  • An employee profile or an interview with an expert

For help with developing the content for your newsletter, see Tips for writing effective marketing publications and Tips for working with images.

Decide how you want to distribute your newsletter

You may decide to send your newsletter in e-mail or to publish it on a Web site. If you plan to print your newsletter, decide how you want to print it before you create and customize it.

If you plan to print a small number of copies of your newsletter, you probably want to print them on your desktop printer. If you plan to print a large quantity of copies, you’ll save money by using a copy shop or commercial printer. To decide the best way to print your newsletter, see Tips for printing your publication.

If you decide to take your newsletter to a copy shop or a commercial printer, discuss your project in detail with the printer first. Before you start your project, describe your project and goals, and find out your printer's requirements. Doing so prevents you from making design decisions that you later have to change. Continue to consult with your commercial printer during the design process to save time and money later.

For a list of the most important issues to pay attention to, see Tips for preparing your publication for commercial printing. When it is time to prepare your publication for handing off to the printer, see Tips for preparing your publication for commercial printing.

To learn about distributing your newsletter by email, see Create and send email newsletters.

Build your brand with your own newsletter template

After you complete your first newsletter, you may want to save it as a template that you can use again. By creating a template, you can speed up the creation of future issues of your newsletter, and you can maintain a consistent format from issue to issue.

Create a newsletter template from an existing publication

  1. In Publisher, open the newsletter publication that you want to use as the basis for a template.

  2. On the File tab and click Save As and pick a location.

  3. In the Save as type box, choose Publisher Template.

  4. In the File name box, type a name for the template.

  5. Click Save.

Create the next issue of your newsletter from your template

  1. Start Publisher.

  2. Click Open, pick the location that you saved your newsletter template, and then double-click the name of the template.

    Important    A template retains all of your previous formatting decisions. The template file can be opened and edited, but the new publication must be saved under a different file name to avoid accidentally changing your original newsletter template.

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