Create a new subsite in a different language

By default, sites and site collections appear in the language in which the product was set up. If you’re a site collection administrator, you can choose the languages you want to make available for a site’s user interface. If alternative languages are set up by the site collection administrator, then you can create subsites in languages other than the default language. For example, if your default language is English, you can still create subsites in Japanese and Hindi.

First, make sure you’re at the location on your site where you want to create the new subsite. Also make sure you have permission that’s at least equivalent to being in the Designers group on that site.

  1. Click Settings Office 365 Settings button > Site contents.

  2. On the Site Contents page, click new subsite.

Note    If new subsite doesn’t appear on the Site Contents page, you don’t have permission to create a subsite. See your administrator about changing your permissions, if necessary.

  1. Type a Title and URL name for the site, and select a template.

  2. In the Template Selection section, choose the language that you want to create the site in, using the drop-down menu. You can also change the permissions and navigation settings for the site on this page.

Note    If your site collection administrator has not set up multiple language support, no alternative languages will appear in the drop-down menu.

  1. When the initial settings look good, click Create.

SharePoint creates your new subsite with the user interface in the default language that you selected.

If you want to publish the same site in different languages, see Create a multi-language website. For a general understanding of the Multiple Language User Interface (MUI) feature and multi-language websites, see Introduction to multilingual features.

Applies To: SharePoint Online, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise, SharePoint Server 2013 Standard, SharePoint Server 2016 Standard, SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise

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