Create a new mailing list in Word for mail merge

You fill out the New Address List dialog as part of mail merge process. This topic only describes one part of the process--creating a list of recipients and their addresses from scratch using the New Address List dialog box. (The complete mail merge steps are detailed in the topic Use mail merge to create and letters, emails, labels, and envelopes.)

For context, these are the steps you'll complete when setting up a mail merge:

  1. Create the main document--the main document that contains the text and graphics that are the same for each email message and each recipient. This main document will also contain placeholders (or mail merge fields) for the unique recipient information that will come from the mailing list.

  2. Create a mailing list. This is a file that contains the addresses where the messages will be sent and acts as the data source that Word uses in the mail merge. There are several ways to create or generate an address list:

    • Create a brand new address list from scratch, by entering each recipient's information into the New Address List dialog box individually.This is the method described in this topic.

    • Use an address list file that you created previously as a starting point, then refine it.

    • Use your Outlook contacts list as a starting point, then refine it.

  3. Preview, the message and then send the entire set.

Create mailing list from scratch

To navigate to the New Address List dialog, in Word, choose Mailings > Select Recipients > Type a new list.

  1. In the New Address List dialog box, type the information for the first name and address that you want to include in your mail merge.

    If you want to add, remove, or rename columns, chooseCustomize Columns, and then make the changes that you want. Adding columns is a great way to include recipient-specific information in your mail-merged document other than the usual demographic information, like address. Examples of addition columns could be Child's Name, Vertical Market, or Local Product Fair if you are creating an address list for a school, sales, or customer mailing.

  2. After you type all the information for your first entry, chooseNew Entry, and then type the information for the next entry. Continue until you have typed information for all the entries that you want to include.

  3. When your new list is complete, choose OK.

  4. In the Save Address List dialog box, type a name for your new list, and then choose Save.

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