Crawl log permissions

As a SharePoint Online administrator, you can grant users read access to crawl log information for the tenant. The crawl log tracks information about the status of crawled content.

A typical use case is in eDiscovery, where you can grant a security group permission to view the crawl log information for the tenant. The users in the security group can view the crawl log data via the eDiscovery portal to check whether crawled content was successfully added to the search index, or whether indexing failed because of an error.

Grant users permission to view the crawl log information

  1. Sign in to the Office 365 Admin Center.

  2. Choose Admin > SharePoint. You’re now in the SharePoint admin center.

  3. Choose search.

  4. On the search administration page, choose Crawl Log Permissions.

  5. In the Crawl Log Permissions box, enter names or email addresses. The names of valid users or user groups are shown in the list as you type letters in the box.

  6. Click OK.

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Applies To: SharePoint operated by 21Vianet - Admin Center, SharePoint Online, SharePoint admin center

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