Course summary: Use criteria in your Access 2013 queries

Add a criteria

Open the query in Design view. In the field you want to filter, add criteria to the Criteria row, or the or row.

Basic rules

Surround text criteria with double quotes. Don't surround numbers with anything. Surround dates and times with pound signs. Use. Y, N, 1, or 0 to filter Yes/No fields (works with all types of databases).


For AND logic, place all criteria on the same criteria row or the same or row. For OR logic, place criteria on different rows.


NOT returns all values that don't match your criteria. IN returns all values that match your criteria. LIKE lets you use wildcard characters. BETWEEN and AND let you filter for a range of data.


See links on this slide for information about using wildcards in criteria. Use the ANSI-89 characters for MDB and ACCDB files; ANSI-92 for Access Apps.

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