Course summary: Use Update queries to change data in Access 2013

Build an Update query

  1. Start with a Select query, add parameters to it, and run it to make sure it returns only the data you want to change.

  2. Back to Design view, click Update.

  3. Enter your new value on the Update To row, run the query.

  4. Click Select, enter the value from step 3 in the Criteria row, run the query to check your changes.

Update multiple fields or tables

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above, but enter criteria in each field or table you want to change, then run the query to make sure you’re seeing just the records you want to change.

  2. Query design view > Update > new values, run.

Staying out of trouble

  • Don’t update calculated fields.

  • Don’t update primary keys, unless they’re part of a relationship that allows cascading updates. Also, changes to a primary key cascade to all related foreign keys.

  • Don’t update queries set to return unique values.

  • Don’t try to update Union queries.

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