Course summary: Use Presenter view

Use Presenter view

By running Presenter view on a laptop just below eye level, you can face your audience and never have to look back at the screen. You can do things like select a laser pointer or drawing tool, or use the slide navigator to select a different slide. And only you can see all this behind-the-scenes stuff, so the audience can stay focused on your message.

Presenter view also helps you stay focused. All the controls are easy to get to in one window with big icons and a simple design.

Set up your presentation

Before you give your presentation in front of an audience, you can rehearse it with your slides using Presenter view. First, go to the Slide Showtab and make sure Use Presenter View is selected. For rehearsal, you can press ALT+F5 to display Presenter view on a single screen. Rehearsing this way will help you get comfortable with your slides, and give you practice using Presenter view.

Give the presentation

Notice that you won't see animations or transitions in Presenter view, but don't worry, they'll look fine on the audience's screen. If you want to go back, press the back arrow or the Backspace key. If you want to jump to a slide, click the See all slides button and click a thumbnail. If you know the slide number, you can type it and press Enter.

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