Course summary: Track changes

Turn on Track Changes

When you want to see who’s changing what in your document, click Review> Track Changes to turn on Track Changes.

To turn off Track Changes, click the Track Changes button again.

Remove tracked changes

The only way to get tracked changes out of a document is to accept or reject them. Choosing No Markupin the Display for Reviewbox helps you see what the final document will look like—but it only hides tracked changes temporarily. The changes are not deleted, and they’ll show up again the next time anyone opens the document.

To delete the tracked changes permanently, accept or reject them. Click Review> Next> Accept or Reject. Word accepts the change or removes it and then moves to the next change.

Track changes online

What if all of your collaborators could work off the same, original document, without making copies? You can do that by saving the document online in your OneDrive or in your organization’s Office 365 site. This is sometimes referred to as “coauthoring”. See the link under See also below to learn more.

Run Document Inspector before you share

Before you share the final version of your document, it’s a good idea to run Document Inspector. This tool checks for tracked changes and comments, hidden text, personal names in properties, and other information you might not want to share widely. To run Document Inspector, click File> Info> Check for Issues> Inspect Document.

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