Course summary: Make the switch to Word 2013

Just start working

Open a file from Word 2003, or click File > New and open a blank document or template. The commands you use most are on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Save your files

Click File > Save As. Select a location for your file and click Save. If you use Office 365 or OneDrive, click Add a Place, then click the Office Live service or OneDrive you want to use.

Add formatting

Select the text you want to format. Use the controls on the Home tab to make text bold, italic, underlined, or a color, and to apply styles such as H1. Use the Design tab to apply a ready-made theme to your entire document. When you point at a theme, or a command that changes the look of a document, such as line spacing, you see your change right away.

Insert objects

Use the controls on the Insert tab to add cover pages, tables, pictures, charts, links, bookmarks, cross references and page numbers, drop caps, and more.


Click Design and pick a theme from the gallery.

Margins, spacing, and indents

Click Page Layout.

Envelopes, labels, mail merge

Click Mailings.

Convert to other Word formats

Convert a Word 2003 file to Word 2013

  1. Click File > Info > Convert.

  2. Click OK to close the message.

Convert a Word 2013 file to Word 2003

  1. Click File > Info > Check for Issues > Check Compatibility.

  2. Click OK to close the compatibility checker.

  3. Click File > Save As.

  4. Click a location, and in the Save As dialog, open the Save As type list and click Word 97-2003.

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